• Coaching Programs for Success
  • Human Resources
    We offer a viable alternative to your Human Resources needs via utilizing "state of the art" international human resources tools, expertise, solutions and services. SRD Int’l develops fundamental and progressive processes, policies and procedures in labor law, employee relations, organizational restructuring, performance management, organizational effectiveness, employee surveys, training curriculum & design, etc.
  • Recruitment and Staffing
    SRD Int'l offers staffing for your fulltime, consulting or temporary needs. We have a huge network of competent talent that will be able to jump right in and get the job done. The talent ranges from blue collar, administrative support to senior executives.
  • Training
    We work with your organization to identify and evaluate your training needs. SRD Int'l will design, develop and implement training and development programs to meet your company's goals. SRD Int'l incorporates an array of training techniques and processes from Steven Covey to Six Sigma.
  • Book Publishing
    SRD Int’l leverages its global knowledge to help develop and strengthen individuals, executives and management teams. We also help to distinguish your individual goals in areas of your life which is vital to your personal well-being. Utilizing proven techniques used by Fortune 500 companies, SRD Int’l works directly with executives, teams and emerging leaders to gain work life balance and personal development.

    We offer you the opportunity to get up close and personal and spend quality face to face time with an executive coach. The coach will assist you in reevaluating your career and assisting you in your professional work environment.
  • Motivational Speaking
    As an award winning certified member of the “National Speakers Association” Stephanie is an inspirational and energetic motivational speaker. She has presented to fortune 500 companies, non profits, and an array of audiences all over the world. Ms. Dawkins captivates her audience by utilizing her creative skills and proven techniques to engage and motivate. She connects with her listeners by appealing to their intellectual insight and by awakening their basic human understanding regarding: empowerment, achievement, succeeding, and paying it forward. Stephanie presents uplifting and empowering principles while focusing on specific subject matters that are indicative to the recipients needs.
  • Leadership Summits
    SRD Int’l will be organizing Executive Leadership Summits that can be personalize to your organization or give you the opportunity to meet and network with some of the most powerful professionals around the world. Plus you will be able to travel to fabulous destinations. (Coming soon)