• Testimonials
  • "Stephanie’s story of truly beating the odds is one of incredible inspiration and profound self-awareness."

    - Rita Cosby,
    Best-selling Author and Award-winning TV host
  • "As the first African American woman to reach the rank of Senior Vice President at AB Volvo, Stephanie Dawkins provides a glimpse of what it takes to kick open the doors of opportunity. For Dawkins, adversity offers insight, every negative encounter has an upside and being true to oneself is the key to success."

    - Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney,
    U.S. Representative for District 14, New York
  • "I feel moved by this emotionally charged account of Stephanie’s childhood, and the corporate beginnings and rise. She has created a most meaningful guide and encouragement to both women and men."

    - Eva Haller,
    Founder & President, Campaign Communications Institute of American, philanthropist and activist
  • "Stephanie knows how to succeed and takes us on a vivid journey of emotionally heart-wrenching, true-to-life experiences and struggles to the top. Her lessons learned and shared will help women become a champion in their career and in life."

    - Roslyn Ridgeway,
    International Speaker and Author; Chair, Board of Trustees, Business and Professional Women’s Foundation
  • "...the story of overcoming incredible odds to prove that success is possible for anyone with a persistently positive attitude. For Stephanie there is no mountain too high, no river too wide and no obstacle too insurmountable. Failure was never an option."

    - Howard J. Morrison,
    Jr., Lebanon Plantation
  • "She embodies strength and tenacity, leaving a priceless gift for women of all ages and walks of life."

    - Brenda Graham,
    author, How Sound Carries Over Water
  • "...Dawkin’s book opens the window to her soul, her vision and passion on how to make connections and sustain oneself in the corporate world…This is an ideal self-help book…"

    - From the review by Almas Jiwani, President,
    Canadian Committee for United Nations Fund for Women
  • "...the road to success without sacrificing principles…Stephanie Dawkins is an inspiratiaon to us all."

    - Justine Frangouli-Argyris,
  • "...rising to the top not through privilege or connections, but through guts, brains and hard work...Her life story intrigues us, yet has the ability to motivate anyone who needs that extra boost."

    - Sedric Desir,
    CEO, Providens Group Ltd.
  • "Stephanie Dawkins tells us how to turn life's biggest challenges into our biggest assets."

    - Bradford Pine,
    Wealth Advisor
  • "A new blend for the new age of women that shows how precious it is to hold on to one’s values whilst being a thinker, a pioneer and a decisive businessperson, sometimes against all odds."

    - Dr. Ioannis Pandithas,
    PhD, New York College Educational Group, Athens, Greece
  • "...addresses the issues many professional women face as they pursue their goals of career advancement, while balancing family and personal needs. Stephanie Dawkins addresses these issues with credibility, personal conviction, self-awareness and humor. She brings a fresh, distinct and intelligent voice to the community of authors and speakers. For professionals who have lost their way, or for those who are trying to find their true compass..."

    - Carl Brooks,
    President and CEO, Executive Leadership Council
  • "I have never seen anyone light up a room the way Stephanie Dawkins does. Her effervescent personality and charm – let alone her stunning presence – rival those of the most charismatic politicians and athletes I have ever observed. I worked with Stephanie for over fifteen years, from the time she initially joined Volvo until she retired – like the great Jim Brown – at the top of her game. When I first met Stephanie, she had never been to a union collective bargaining session, yet she quickly inserted herself into the most challenging aspects of dealing with the UAW in the mid-90s. Fifteen years later, at the highest levels of leadership, the UAW was urging her to join them! She is deceptively disarming, and has the toughness and ability, without being obsequious, to forge relationships and alliances necessary to ‘do the right thing,’ combining energy with focused determination. We live and learn of her remarkable personal and professional journey, with lessons for all, regardless of race, color, gender, age or creed."

    - Mike Marino, Esq.